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Find out how homeopathy can support your health and wellbeing.

Hello, I am Annie Batchelor,


My practice mission is to support you in health and well-being.  I have been practicing homeopathy for thirty years, supporting many people in their wish to become or maintain their health and vitality.


I trained in homeopathy in my twenties, fortunate to have had a family that cared about the world and how to be self-sufficient.  I learned all about how important the garden is from my father who was a true ‘green finger'!


Running my own smallholding brought me into contact with animal health – a topic very close to my heart.  I made two important discoveries, firstly that I couldn’t give my animals what I wouldn’t take, and second, that to live in small way was more beneficial.  Sustainability became a crucial factor as I grappled with the vagaries of the weather, the seasons and my irascible pigs!


My joy in discovering homeopathy with its tiny footprint was a delight.  And still today I am fascinated by the simplicity of it.  I am involved in educating future practitioners too, designing courses and lecturing. I would like to encourage you to gain knowledge and confidence in this intriguing yet straightforward medicine. Contact me for information about my short courses.


I am also a registered member of The Society of Homeopaths.

Meet Amelia
Why Naturopathy

Why Homeopathy?

Your choice to use homeopathy is a great way to get healthy or maintain your health.  You might come to homeopathy for a variety of reasons and whatever these are I see my job as supporting you. You are the expert on your self – with my help you can count on homeopathy as part of your toolkit for creating and keeping your well-being.


Whether you want primary care help or support with chronic problems contact me and we can discuss your needs and how I can help you.


How I work

My personal passion is to raise awareness of all matters that concern your health. This might begin with an exploration of what is blocking your achieving great well-being, but it could equally focus on your experience of ill health.  


I am interested in what you eat, how you take time out and what drives you.  Sometimes I find that despite a diagnosis and conventional treatment you just don’t feel well.  It is not uncommon after a virus but many conditions leave us not quite as well as we were.  It is worth bearing in mind that you are the expert on you and I can help you reach wellness via homeopathy.


By offering you long consultations to explore your health needs as well as quick responses to your more urgent calls I can help you reach a better standard of health and well-being.





My practice is built on taking time to get to know you and how you can get well.  Your history is relevant as is your family history.  In order to help you I need as much information about your condition as you have and sometimes it is also necessary to consider the prescription drugs you might be taking or those that might have had an impact on your symptoms.  I don’t diagnose for the simple reason that I’m more interested in you the individual.  This is a slow science but all the better for the measure of it.  To tailor my approach to helping you I use a range of homeopathic methods, enabling me to help you for chronic conditions as well as seasonal viruses etc.


"Annie is such a wise owl, not just a great homeopath but she has an understanding of the human condition which few could rival.  I am very choosy about health professionals (being one myself) and feel lucky that I found Annie and have no hesitation in recommending her, she has my trust."

— Susie Parkinson, Acupuncture Practitioner


Courses and Workshops

I run short courses and workshops for patients and therapists who want to broaden their understanding of homeopathy.  Practical help is at hand - I encourage patients  to know more and to be confident about home prescribing.  Contact me if you have a special interest, or there are a group of you keen to learn.


Your Health Starts Here

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Contact Info

The Clinics:


- St Mark’s Clinic on Tuesday and Thursdays.

- Home Clinic, where I am based the rest of the week. 


07941 030 531

60 Wagstaff Way, Salisbury, SP2 98F

Home Clinic

St Mark's Clinic

Please note that for the time being I am offering remote consultations with phone support.  

If you are making a new enquiry I will ask you permission to work with you on Zoom.

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